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Our vision

We desire to raise up spiritually healthy pastors who will go on to shepherd healthy churches for the glory of God and the advancement of the Gospel. 

The Residency is 10 months long (August-May) and is composed of four key elements: 

1. Hands-On Experience

2. Theological Training

3. Leadership Development

4. Biblical Community

More details can be found below.

Hands-on experience

Every 6 weeks you will spend 4 hours a week working closely with these ministries: (1) Children, (2) Students, (3) Worship, (4) Discipleship, (5) Member Care,

(6) Administration.

Theological training

You'll get to take 4 seminary-accredited courses... tuition free! A certificate will be awarded to you upon successful completion and qualifying credit can be transferred into an Undergraduate or Masters degree through Spurgeon College & Midwestern Seminary! Click here to learn more.


Every two months you and your cohort will meet with one of our pastors for a practical seminar on Ecclesiology & Pastoral Theology. You'll be asked to read two books prior to each seminar.


Once you're accepted into the Residency, you'll also be assigned to one of our pastors' Growth Groups. These are groups of 4-6 men that are dedicated to helping each other apply the Gospel to one another's lives. 


1. Are pastoral residents paid during their program?

There is no financial compensation for residents. Having said that, we do offer you 12 free accredited seminary credit hours and absorb all residency expenses so that you pay nothing out-of-pocket.

2. Do I have to be a member of Central to be a resident?

Yes. Once you are accepted into the program, you will be asked to move your membership to Central. As you'll discover in your program, meaningful membership is key in creating a healthy church culture.

3. What if I don't feel called to be a Senior Pastor? Can I still apply?

Of course! We believe the experience you gain with us will equip you for a variety of ministry roles including: church planter, youth pastor, missionary, education pastor, etc.

4. Am I guaranteed a ministry position at Central once I've completed my residency? 

No. Our vision is to send out our residents to shepherd other churches for the glory of God & the advancement of the Gospel.