• John Stevick

Happy Fall 2021!

Happy Fall 2021! We at TDI are excited for this upcoming semester and all that God will do through us to equip the saints, both here at Central, and among our broader audience. Like 2020, this year has had unique challenges for church ministry. Nonetheless, we are grateful the Lord has allowed us to continue producing biblically rich, doctrinally sound content.

This past summer, we as a church have been studying Ecclesiastes. This book has always been a comfort to me in difficult times, and 2021 certainly counts as such. While researching to teach a lesson for our Life Group, I came across this quote from Jason DeRouchie, a research professor at Midwestern Seminary. It nicely sums up the book and also serves as an encouragement for us in the midst of continuing COVID outbreaks and the current situation in Afghanistan. He says: “This is the goal of Ecclesiastes: that believers feeling the weight of the curse and the burden of life’s enigmas would turn their eyes toward God, resting in his purposes and delighting whenever possible in his beautiful, disfigured world. In this alone will one find lasting gain unto eternity.” True words indeed. As the hymnist says, “This is my Father’s world.” He alone knows how it works best, and He alone can guide us through brokenness to “take hold of the life that is truly life.” Let us heed our brother’s wisdom and cling to Jesus in these restless days. Thank you for your continued support of our ministry, and may this semester bring you closer to the God who works all things for our good.

Grace and Peace,

John Stevick, TDI Blog Editor-in-Chief

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